Aerial Classes

Mixed Apparatus

Hoop, trapeze, rope, silks and other inventions. There are no limits to what we can hang off of. These apparatuses help facilitate more of a "discovery" atmosphere with the main goals being a sense of comfort in the air, orientation of the body, a creative method of movement along with strength and technique.

Aerial Partnering - Age 11+

Moving with someone else in the air is challenging work! Students must be comfortable communicating and working closely with others. Sometimes partner work can mean a mirror image of one another or both people in the same or similar shape, while other times there will be a distinct “base” and “flyer”. To be a base or flyer require different skills, so understanding the strengths of different body types will be part of the learning process and very much encouraged. Partners will change week to week but as classes progress, natural partners may form. A variety of apparatuses will be use. Students must be enrolled in at least one other aerial class. *Level 2 prerequisites required

Silks - Level 2

Students will primarily be learning on silks also known as fabric. Silks require a great deal of strength and coordination and offer a strong foundation for other apparatuses such as rope, trapeze, hoop and even invented apparatus. *See prerequisites below


For everyone who loves to be upside down! This class combines balance, strength and flexibility. Skills include handstands, headstands, cartwheels, rolls, walkovers and begins to look at skills with a partner. The more advanced student may work on “handstand canes”. A really fantastic addition for any student looking to expand their skill set.

Performance Teams

Solid commitment is required to join the Performance Team. If you are unable to commit fully to the program it is best to attend regular classes instead. Aerial is physically and mentally demanding and takes repeated practice to learn. In order to teach young aerialists the challenging choreography and prepare them for performances, excellent attendance to class and rehearsals is critical. This must be maintained throughout the entire season. Performance Team members must also have excellent work ethics and be able to work within the group dynamic.
Physical pre-requisites are the same as Level 3.

Juniors Team- Age 8-10 (two classes per week)
Intermediate Team - 9-11 (two classes per week)
Senior Team - 11+ (three classes per week)
Advanced Team - 14+ (three classes per week)

Tots Move! - Age 2.5-4

The perfect class for our youngest rascals! This is a lightly structured class where students can explore and find new abilities. They will explore aspects of aerial circus, parkour and some ninja monkey. They get to try it all!

Aerial Level Classes

Level 1

For new students and those who are mostly working close to the ground. It is very important for students to have mastered all the intro level skills before moving on to another level. Not having these foundations puts students at greater risk of injury and frustration.

Level 2

For students who have an understanding of all the intro skills and vocabulary.

• climb unassisted
• 2 even foot locks in the air unassisted
• invert in the air in between the silks unassisted
• scissor in the air

• tucking under the bar, no feet on bar
• hip pullover without using feet
• mermaid to windmill

Level 3

For students who have mastered basic skills and have moved on to more demanding skills requiring greater strength and flexibility. Students should have a strong focus for learning for intricate combinations.

• multiple types of climbs on both sides
• invert multiple times on both sides
• scissor in the air on both sides
• variations on candy cane wraps (i.e. cartwheels forever, star drops)

• single knee hangs
• single arm hangs
• back/hip balances
• velocity skills/drops (i.e. double monkey rolls, hip circles)

If you are not sure what level of aerial class you or your child should be in please contact