Ground Arts

Handstands Age 9+

Geared toward beginners thru intermediate students, this class is for anyone who wants to work on their hands. Handstands are a fun new skill to challenge yourself with, a great way to even out tight aerial shoulders, and offer a surprising core workout. Whether you’re working on getting your feet to the wall or getting away from that wall, this class is for you.


Emphasis in classes are always breath and body awareness combined. This combination particularly cultivates stable strength, endurance in challenging moments, deeper enjoyment during moments we are grateful for, and ultimately a deeper, wider awareness of what’s happening in the moment which is the the key to experiencing life more fully. We will incorporate a range of movements rooted in traditional yoga postures, and flexibility will be a result but not the primary focus. This is not a levelled class, open to all with modifications adapted personally.

Groundflow/Mobility Class

Move and recover better! Mobility is best understood as flexibility and strength combined. Flexibility is passive, whereas mobility is active. If we think of traditional Yoga as a cat stretching then we’re going to throw the kitten back into the cat, escape the mat and spend some time crawling, rolling and flowing around the room to regain the mobility we’ve lost from years of sitting at desks.