Parkour is the art of getting from one place to another as efficiently, fluidly and creatively as possible by vaulting, jumping, rolling, running, climbing, swinging, crawling and balancing over, under, or through any obstacle in your path.

Parkour Level 1

This is a progressive course that will teach you the basics of Parkour while promoting a high level of fun and fitness. Students will learn fundamental skills including quadrupedal (animal) movement, landing and falling, balancing and jumping, vaulting and wall running, brachiating and climbing and maybe even some acrobatics. Students will then apply these skills at the end of each class to complete longer movement combinations, obstacle courses and games.

Parkour Level 2

This course is designed to further challenge those students who have solid fundamental skills and a capable fitness level. Through repetition and skill refinement, students will learn intermediate skills and be expected to complete more difficult workouts. Dedication to conditioning and skills training outside of class is necessary to progress at this level. *See prerequisites below

Ninja Monkeys - Age 4-6

For all those couch destroying little ninja monkeys out there! This is an obstacle course based class that is not so much about instruction as it is about wearing them out. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate and to help spot their monkeys on the move.

Ninja Warrior/Time Trial

Students will conquer ninja warrior style obstacle courses each week. Time trials help students of all skill levels increase their abilities and gain confidence in moving with speed and power. A little Canadian Ninja Warrior action in Norfolk County

Ninja Warrior Team Training

More and more Ninja Warrior Competitions are popping up these days and Circus in the Trees wants our students to show up prepared! This is a training session for our more advanced and focused students to come together and be challenged to the max! Ages 8-80. Ninja Warrior families welcome! Prerequisite: Completion of at least one full session of our Parkour or Ninja Warrior Program.

ParkourFit - Teen/Adult

Who says it’s only the kids that get to have all the fun. This is our Parkour Fitness program for those of us that are kids at heart or who just want to move with more capability and style. We do everything the kids do (vaulting, jumping, rolling, running, climbing, swinging, crawling and balancing) but we warm up longer, work out harder and cool down like adults. There is a scalable workout component at the end of each class which can be opted out of if desired.


For everyone who loves to be upside down! This class combines balance, strength and flexibility. Skills include handstands, headstands, cartwheels, rolls, walkovers and begins to look at skills with a partner. The more advanced student may work on “handstand canes”. A really fantastic addition for any student looking to expand their skill set.